Course Description

[Kristina in the picture above helping with promotional materials.] 


 From registering a domain name, saving and uploading your video recordings, to integrating an online payment getaway solution for your students to enrol, pay and take your courses. We recorded it all!

Aman Aktor

Hello Future Online Business Owner!I'm Eddie and as an ex-banker I used to organize workshops on Self-directed investing. One day, one of my students said to me: "You should make your workshops available on the Internet". That is how I discovered the world of edupreneurship.I have learned and accumulated significant experience in online self-publishing since then. In this course that I created I show you everything I know so you can start your own online learning boutique too. Take it, get inspired, and learn how you can do this too!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    2. Setting Up Your Online System

    • 2.1 Website Creation: How I Built My Website With No Prior Experience

    • 2.2 Course Platform: How To Deliver Your Courses And Get Paid

    • 2.3 Domain Name: Where And How To Register Your Own Domain

    • 2.4 Social Media: How To Link Your Social Media Sites And Pages To Your Website

    • 2.5 System Testing Checklist (Optional)

    • 2.6 Control List: Worksheet That I Used To Stay Organized

    • 2.7 Control List: Same Worksheet For Your Own Use

  • 2

    3. Course Operations

    • 3.1 Materials And Equipment

    • 3.2 Video Editing And Screen Capture

    • 3.3 Video Creation Checklist

  • 3

    4. Your Course Marketing Strategy

    • 4.1 Overview

    • 4.2 Facebook Ads

    • 4.3 Google Analytics

    • 4.5 Vlogging

    • 4.4 Blogging

    • 4.6 Email List Building

    • 4.7 SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

    • 4.8 Direct Selling

  • 4

    5. Integration

    • 5.1 Integration

    • 5.2 Integration Checklist