Rockstar Edupreneur

Rockstar Edupreneur

ONE BILLION online consumers and you are not teaching anything online yet? | taught by Amin Dashowbiz
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Amin Dashowbiz
Amin Dashowbiz
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About the instructor


Hi, my name is Amin, a natural INJT personality type millennial creating know-how video-solutions part-time. My curious mind is always busy trying to find answers to "what-if?"  or "how could I?" questions, constantly experimenting until I make awesome discoveries.


After graduating from a university program in Finance, I worked as a Banking Officer for Scotiabank for many years. One day I was invited to help deliver a seminar on Personal Finance at a local community centre. My task was to decompose complex personal finance concepts into illustrative bite-size terms and examples so that the audience could better understand the importance of budgeting, saving and investing. 

After this enjoyable seminar experience, I decided to leave the sales-side of banking and focus instead on the teaching-side of personal finance. I started a small training business from my house basement and after training several people on the subject in a real classroom setting one of my participants asked me "Why don't you put this Personal Finance course on the Internet?"  

From there, I started learning more about teaching online and here we are!

[Kristina in the picture above helping with promotional materials.] 


We created the course "ROCKSTAR EDUPRENEUR" to show you how to put together your first online course and sell it on the Internet. From registering a domain name, recording and uploading your video recordings, to integrating an online payment getaway solution for your students to enrol, pay and take your courses. 

We are happy that you have taken an interest in learning how to publish your first online course because Edupreneurship is a MULTIMILLION DOLLAR OPPORTUNITY for anyone in 2020!

Course Contents

15 Videos
5 PDFs