Finding a job is a REAL hassle. First you have to find  job ads that match your ideal job. Second, write customized cover letters, tune up your resume, send it, wait, follow up with a phone call, nothing happens, repeat again, and again, and again...


I tried an uncommon yet effective method and within one morning a secured a job interview without 'firing' a single résumé. I screen recorded everything that I did so you can just copy-paste my results. 


I also interviewed a professional recruiter to find out more about happens behind the scenes when you are trying to fin d a job. 


Online Instructor

Aman Aktor

Hello, Aman Aktor here. I started working as a Banking Officer back in 2006. One day a client complimented the way I explained things and said to me: "maybe one day you will be a Teaching Officer instead of a Banking Officer". That's how it started and here is where I'm now.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Part I - Recruiting Uncensored For Job Seekers: The Basics

    • The Recruiter & The Basics Of Recruitment

    • Recruiting Illustrated

  • 2

    Reaching Out To A Recruiter

    • Working With A Recruiter

    • LinkedIn For Job Hunting

  • 3

    Securing An Interview

    • Securing An Interview I - Prepping LinkedIn

    • Securing An Interview II - Reaching Out

    • Securing An Interview III - Email Response And Interview Secured

  • 4

    Part II - Recruiting Uncensored For Aspiring Recruiters

    • Why Recruiting, Compensation, And Qualifications

    • A Day In Recruiting, Social Environment, Evaluations, Transitioning.

    • Agency vs Corporate Recruiter & Final Recommendation

    • Agency vs Corporate Recruiter Comparison Table

The end of applying for jobs.

Never 'fire' a single résumé ever again.