The easiest way to launch a business

Starting a business is a way for many people to:

  • change careers
  • make ends meet
  • become financially independent

Most people think of starting a business as something risky, time consuming, expensive etc. This course is a set of instructions to carry out an experiment  which seamlessly morphs into a real business.

Anyone can start doing this today.

"Fun and freedom here we go!"

Course curriculum

  • 1

    1. First Things First

    • 1.1 The instructor

    • 1.2 The experiment

    • 1.3 Materials and resources

  • 2

    2. Experiment setup step-by-step (follow me)

    • 2.1 Registering a domain name

    • 2.2 Recording how-to videos

    • 2.3 Becoming familiar with a course hosting platform and creating a course structure

    • 2.4 Designing a simple flyer and "hiring a model" (optional step).

    • 2.5 Placing a flyer printing order

    • 2.6 Understanding the online sales funnel and how to use it for this experiment.

    • 2.7 Sharing a personal pursuit as a way to generate content

    • 2.8 Putting together your own online course for sale

  • 3

    3. Now run the experiment like I show you here

    • 3.1 Recording your launch and progress on a calendar

  • 4

    Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back

    • Satisfaction Guaranteed 100% Or Your Money Back