Recruiting Uncensored

Recruiting Uncensored

"I secured a job interview without sending a job application. All through LinkedIn." | taught by Aman Aktor

Course description

I hate the process of getting a job. Write a cover letter, customize your resume, follow up, repeat.


I decided to be super straight, yet polite, and the results were fantastic. Within one morning a secured a job interview without sending a single job application. For this course I recorded as I typed messages to recruiters through LinkedIn. Copy my words and get the results you want. 


I also interviewed a professional recruiter to find out more about happens behind the scenes when you are trying to fin d a job. 


Aman Aktor
Aman Aktor


I get easily entertained conceptualizing "what if?" scenarios under calm and quiet environments (a.k.a. in my home office). As a natural INTJ personality type individual, I enjoy exploring the imaginative world of impossibilities and, from time to time, I dare to experiment, try, and see the results for myself.